Monday, 1 June 2015

Water mentoring process

At school today we are testing water. First we tested the PH levels. PH is a way to test acidity and alkalinity. Water is about 6 or7. To do this we used indicator paper which looks like yellow paper.
You put the indicator paper in the water for about 10 or so seconds, then take it out and match it up with the chart. 

Secondly, we looked at the number of suspended solids, which is basically counting the bugs that are floating in the water.

Thirdly, we tested the TDS which stands for total dissolved solids. To test the TDS you use a special machine. You put the machine in the water and swirl it around for a while then we pressed hold and recorded the data.

We also tested the temperature because the temperature is very important to water. It affects the amount of dissolved oxygen.

Finally we tested the turbidity. Turbidity is the cloudiness of the water. You test the turbidity with a clean glass and a chart.


  1. Wow Todd it sounds as though it is a very important process to find out whether the water is good or not. What is the best temperature to have? Hot or cold? Looking forward to reading your next piece of writing :)
    Miss D