Tuesday, 21 June 2016


( Spotlight more like low light literally and as in the sense that it was the worst game of spotlight ever and I mean ever!!! no one has ever said that every game of spotlight was safe and if they have they were WRONG!!! )
Ok we were on the second day of camp and we were just about to play a game of Spotlight. Everyone was so excited but I was nervous. The adults came up with a new version of the game they told us how to play(the kids had to start at one end of the field and the adults were on the playground with the torches the object for the kids was to get to the playground without the adults spotting you ). Now we get to the bit that the story is all about. We had just started playing when Lulu hurt her leg then a few minutes later Megan tripped up on the stones. We were dropping like flies. Luckily by then it was so dark and cold that we had to stop and go into the kitchen for dinner. I could barely get to the kitchen. When I got there I sat down and then got a hot chocolate and sat back down again. By then my ankle was killing me but not literally because if I was really being killed I wouldn't be able to tell you the story. I had one tiny tiny sip of my hot chocolate and started crying not because the hot chocolate was as hot as lava but my ankle was so PAINFUL. I must've tripped up. I had a sit down on the couch. Someone put an icepack on my ankle the next day my ankle was much better and I went to the cemetery. 

Words of wisdom DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME KIDS even if you are superman although he does have invulnerability... hmmm ok maybe if you’re superman.

My writing reflection 

I used a simile when I said  the hot chocolate was as hot as lava
I used a Hyperbole when I said one tiny tiny sip of my hot chocolate 

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